Let’s be reel here… how to use Instagram Reels as a musician

Instagram introduced reels a little while back, but do you know how to use them? They’re a great way of uploading short video clips that include your latest tracks. As an artist, it’s important you keep up to date with all the latest trends. So being in the know about how Instagram Reels could benefit you is really important.

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We all know about uploading music to your Instagram stories. It’s a great way of subtly throwing your music out there while showing everyone your weekend plans or your new trim. When Instagram brought in the feature of adding a music sticker to your story, it changed the game. There was still something missing though. If people don’t head to your story, they’re not going to see your content. Uploading a video to your page was fine, but it seemed a little glitchy at times. Instagram bringing in reels to keep up with its competition over at TikTok was a great idea. Short and sweet videos that play instantly as you scroll by.

🎥 What’s it all about?

When creating a reel, try to think about it’s purpose. Of course, no one is saying you can’t upload reels just simply for fun. However, if you’re uploading to promote yourself as an artist, think about what it is that you want people to know about you. What impression do you want them to have? A reel where you show them behind the scenes of creating your new music or a day in the life of a musician could be really fun. Although the clips are short, you could split it into a few different ones. This would help your fans feel involved in the process and looking forward to the next reel.

You might just want to show your fans your personality. Why not video yourself dancing along to your latest track, let go and have some fun with it! Fans will love seeing the real you and in turn it might create more of a human behind the artist which will encourage others to follow your journey. If it goes well, you could ask your fans to create their own version and maybe even share some to your story. This is good promotion for you, but also your fans will love to feel noticed by you.

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Why not try a Q&A where your followers can send in questions ahead of the video, and then you sit down and answer them. You could also create a reel with your own personal experiences within the industry or tips and tricks you think others might need to know. Giving back to your fans in an interactive way will encourage them to engage with you again. If they constantly feel ignored, then they might decide not to comment on your next release promotion. Let them feel included in something. Show them you care, and they’ll give you even more back.

The point is, to have some direction to the video you’re creating. It doesn’t need to be staged or scripted, but if you know what it is you’re trying to show, then it will be much easier for you. If reels are something you decide to do, jot down a few ideas so when you come to doing one, you aren’t searching for inspiration.

👯 Collaborate with other creators

The world of the arts can be a mean place. It’s no secret, some people only care about reaching the top. That isn’t the case for most creatives though. It certainly doesn’t have to be the case for you either. Working with other creatives should be nothing but positive. You’ll all gain something from it, whether it be experience, knowledge or content.

Why not reach out to other creatives and do a collaboration reel. It could be you offer advice to others starting out in the industry from different view points. If you’re into metal and they’re into indie music. You both have the love of music in common but could offer different perspectives and ideas based off your own backgrounds. Not only would this help both of your followers but it would also help the two of you. Think of the things you could learn from each other.

Example of an Instagram collaboration

This could also work with creators from other avenues. Why not get together with an artist and have them work on some illustration for you that you could put together with your latest track. Both of your work will then be featured within the reel, and you will cross audiences.

It might not even be you who produces the reel. Why not reach out to some influencers out there and ask them to use your sound within their next video. Instagram creators are constantly producing reels while they’re so popular, sometimes it can be hard for them to find a song that relates to their video, so help them out. Give them a nudge towards your work. If you have a song mentioning clothes, why not ask an influencer to feature it in their next clothing giveaway or haul?

Hopefully this video will help show you the basics. It’s really up to you how you want to show yourself and your work through reels. There’s no right or wrong way, although you will notice some things work better for you than others. Unfortunately, there is no set guide to perfecting it straight away. It really depends on your audience. Have fun with it and try different things out. Your followers will love it, and you’ll gain a lot of knowledge in return. With Instagram Reels being so popular at the moment, it’s one of the better ways of getting your social media account noticed. This will only boost the number of people listening to your music!

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