Instagram’s new test feature – comment on individual photo or video within carousel

Instagram are working on a new feature which will allow people to comment on the relevant photo or video within a carousel post rather than on the whole post itself. Just like Facebook allows.

Instagram is trying out a new way for people to comment on photos on a carousel post. Now, users might be able to link their comment to a specific photo or video by mentioning its number in the post. This could be great for so many accounts.

For example, if you want to comment on the second photo in the post, you can write “@2” before your comment. This will make your comment show up under that photo. Essentially, how Facebook allows you to comment on each individual photo within an album.

This feature could help people engage more with each photo or video on a carousel post. It might also make it easier to understand which photo someone is talking about when they comment. Also, it’s brilliant for things like competitions, for all creators.

An influencer or small business could request people comment on their favourite photo or product. The one with the most comments could be the chosen feature for that month. Likewise, if you’ve been tagged in a carousel post, you can comment on the photo you’re in.

Carousel posts are important for Instagram because they encourage people to share more of their personal experiences. Instagram has been testing other features for carousel posts too. Like letting multiple people contribute to one post and allowing up to 20 photos in one post.

This new comment feature is only being tested with a small group of users for now. But if it works well, we might see it rolled out to everyone soon. It’s a feature that isn’t super important, but, might be nice to have, and doesn’t change the dynamic of the platform. sign up for free GIF
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