Why you should avoid using Linktree Smart Links – it’s time to move on

Linktree unfortunately, has had its day. Now, there’s a new market and Linktree just can’t compete. Their user interface doesn’t compare to their rivals, and they’re charging too much.

Above, you can see two different Smart Links. One, is by PUSH (left) and the other is by Linktree (right). Both are very different, but one is far more engaging than the other. The one created through Linktree is quite bland and doesn’t offer much to look at.

This has been created on Linktree’s most basic plan. While you can upgrade your account to access other features, you don’t get a lot on the basic option. PUSH.fm however, offer a lot for absolutely no cost. The only premium feature in the link above is the background image.

Linktree show various price points, but when broken down, to fully customise your link, you will need their pricier plans. With PUSH, there are no tiers as such. You either have the free account which has everything you need. Or, you upgrade for optional extras.

PUSH.fm upgrade option

Our upgrade option is $5 per month and this will never change. Linktree mention that you need to upgrade your account to access better customer service. We think this is offensive and wrong. It’s something that shouldn’t be an option in 2024.

Every customer should receive the same level of customer service. Whether they pay for a product, or not. We offer all our customers responses within 48 hours, excluding weekends. In fact, more often than not, we will reply to you on the same day.

Paying to be heard is something that no creative or small business should have to do. They’re already fighting again huge corporations and rivals with large backing. PUSH, offers the ability to customise store logos, written text, Feature Images and more.

Blog articles and other resources

We also offer a blog filled with informative and insightful articles which are aimed at all kinds of creatives, and businesses. Updated twice daily, we tailor our content to a variety of niches and cover practically everything you could need. Linktree rarely update their blog.

All of this is without having to pay for it. Not only that, but we offer a one-stop-shop type of deal. If you’re coming to use to create a Smart Link, perhaps you’d like to also use our other marketing tools, completely free and unlimited.

Linktree offers just one option. Smart Links, which, of course, are beneficial, but aren’t the only tool for marketing and growth. So many people online are boycotting Linktree now, in search of better quality tools. We’re a brand who listen to what our customers want.

Multiple features, such as audio preview within Fan Links have been added thanks to our user input. If we can make something happen that you’re looking for, we will. Therefore, we feel we outrank Linktree in so many ways. It’s time to say goodbye to the old, and hello to success.

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