Can anyone learn to sing?

In theory, yes, anyone can learn to sing, but that isn’t to suggest you’ll go from tone-deaf to Beyonc√© overnight. You’ll need to work on your vocals a lot before you can stand up on stage and start performing, but, anyone can learn to hold a note.

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Singing is a gift many people are blessed with. Some will find their voice has always been beautiful, they may say they never had to try and that they were born with it. This is absolutely the case for many singers because we all have our own talents and clearly singing is theirs. However, that isn’t to say that you can’t pick up a talent.

For example, those who love sports, perhaps they are naturally fast, or have great hand-eye coordination. But, for the majority, the talent has been taught. They weren’t born knowing the rules to the sport, or how to improve on their past performance. These are all skills they’ve been shown, or learnt through practise.

So, why wouldn’t it be the same with musical talents? You learn to play a guitar and then could go on to perform on stage with some of the biggest bands in the world. Why, then, is it always suggested that some people are born with talented singing voices, and others are tone-deaf? Just because you don’t have the voice of an angel, doesn’t mean you can’t sing.

Your singing voice differs from your talking voice

Perhaps, you just haven’t learnt how yet. We all get taught to speak, but we don’t all get taught to sing, and they’re very different things. Singing with your normal speaking voice is where many go wrong. Have you ever heard a singer speak for the first time, and thought, wow, they sound nothing like that when they perform?

That’s because, your singing and speaking voices are two different things. Essentially, two different people. What one can do, the other can’t. It’s said that our speaking voices are lower than our singing voices. So, trying to sing in your lower voice won’t give you the vocal range you need for singing. You need to learn to relax your voice.

Once you’ve learnt how to successfully relax your vocals, you will find it easier to reach new ranges. Everyone has the ability to sing basic songs well. This doesn’t mean everyone will be selling out stadiums with their mind-blowing harmonies. But, you should be able to stay in tune. Of course, this is easier for those who grew up around music.

If your parents or other relatives often sang to you, it’s said you’ll find it easier to explore your range. Once you have your vocal range working, you can begin to practise. But, like with anything, it will take a lot of practise and commitment. That’s why it’s easier for children to learn to sing, because they can break bad habits easier.

As an adult, you’ve been speaking in your lower range for far too long. So, while it isn’t impossible, it is harder to snap out of this and explore sounds. A vocal coach will be your best bet because they can assess how you use your range. Their guidance will be specific to you. While your genetic vocal makeup does play its part, anyone can learn to sing. sign up for free GIF
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