TikTok nominated one of TIME’s 100 most influential companies of 2023

TikTok have recently revealed they’ve scored themselves a place within TikTok’s 100 most influential companies. This is the second year running they’ve been part of the list.

TikTok's advertising of the TIME's list

With more than 1 billion users on their platform it’s no surprise that TikTok have found themselves on the influential list once again. After winning a place in 2022, they’ve gone on to be successful once again. The chosen group of companies are said to be picked based on various key factors. These factors are a must for all on the top 100.

They must provide impact, innovation, ambition and success. Without these factors, they won’t be considered. A wide range of companies are selected. From the initial selection, TIME editors then evaluate who they believe achieves these values best. The final decision came down to who the team felt best fit the categories provided.

TikTok have said this award is thanks to their users. Without them, they wouldn’t have a platform. There would be no creators and no viewers. Meaning this aware quite simply wouldn’t be achievable. The video platform has grown massively in the time it’s been around. Despite being one of the newer apps, it has become one of the most popular.

The creators of the platform have certainly displayed ambition and success throughout their time. Having an impact comes back to the creators too. Yes, TikTok as a platform has made a huge impact, but so have those creating content for the app. It’s only then fair they acknowledge the people helping their app run smoothly.

Are you one of those creators? Or are you someone who loves the platform and uses it regularly? Perhaps you’re even someone who doesn’t understand the hype behind it. Wherever you stand, it’s highly likely TikTok will see themselves on the TIME list in 2024 too. There seems to be no stopping them.

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