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Valuable resources you can use to market your music and content.

PUSH 101: How to upload video to YouTube

New to YouTube? Wanting to try out vlogging or sharing your opinions through reviews? There are so many genres and niches on YouTube that there really is an avenue for everyone. You just need to know how to get started.…

The rise in popularity of social commerce

Social commerce is the process of selling products through social platforms. The purchases come directly from social media, rather than a consumer being directed elsewhere. This has risen in popularity in the past year, and it seems it will continue…

Spotify launch Audiobooks – a new way to make more money

Spotify have now released Audiobooks as a new platform feature. Currently, only available in the US, it’s likely we will see it expanding across the world very soon. It comes 4 months after CEO Daniel Ek outlined the company’s intentions.…

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