How to increase your social following easily using Content Unlocks

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As great as it would be, there’s no sure-fire way of quickly and organically growing your fanbase on social media. But by rewarding social actions, you can incentivise your audience to click that subscribe or follow button.

What are Content Unlocks?

Content Unlocks are PUSH’s newest addition to their marketing tool-kit. They exchange social interactions for exclusive rewards, either in the form of a secret message or a downloadable file.

👄PUSH currently offers social actions on Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music and Deezer, with more in the pipeline. Social actions vary from saving a song to your library, to sharing a status on socials. It’s up to you to decide how many actions your fans must complete.

🏴‍☠️ You can choose exactly what bounty you want to offer;
~ Downloadable files such as ZIPs of albums, unreleased singles, exclusive wallpapers, sample packs and more.
~ Secret messages such as discount codes, redeemable voucher codes, URLs to excusive live streams, early access to shop updates and more.

🎨 Content Unlocks are completely customisable so you can tailor them to suit your needs and your fanbase. Update an eye-catching feature image, add your own descriptions and choose a custom URL.

Why use Content Unlocks?

Content Unlocks are great for rewarding existing fans and appealing to new audiences that stumble upon your Content Unlock campaign.

📣 You can entice new audiences in with freebies that they can use even if they’re not familiar with your music or content. Maybe offer a redeemable voucher code or a free download of your best body of work. This way they’ll get something back in return, and a valuable insight into you and your brand.

🎁 Maybe you want to say thank you to existing fans. You can offer discount codes, free downloads of upcoming releases or links to early product drops/ticket sales. You might want to give things away totally free and remove social actions all together.

❗ Do bear in mind that the more social actions you ask people to complete, the more you might put them off. It’s also important to keep your new audience engaged after they’re completed the social actions; it doesn’t matter how many people are subscribed to your channel if no one is interacting with your content.

Content Unlocks are completely free to make at Free users can make 10 Content Unlocks with up to 1GB total storage. If you’re left wanting more, upgrade to our premium plan and create unlimited Content Unlocks with 50GB total storage 🤯.

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