5 ways to promote your website with Reward Links

Reward Links offer benefits to you and your audience. You’d be crazy to miss out on a free marketing tool that is guaranteed to spark attention from new areas. Why wouldn’t you want to promote your website easily?

Growing your website means increasing traffic. Which in turn likely brings in more followers, buyers, listeners – whatever your niche, it will bring it! But, often it can seem impossible to grow your audience. Where do you start? Well, first you need to promote yourself. Your website, your business, everything you can offer. The idea is you leave people with no choice but to check out your content. After all, if you’ve promoted yourself correctly, then why wouldn’t they?

1. Provide a discount code

Your Reward Link could contain a secret message. Within that? Why not offer a discount code to your website. You’ll draw more people in. If someone’s been considering using your website for quite some time, they might be swayed by a discount. Everyone loves a bargain.

Even if they’ve never heard of your company, a discount code could persuaded them to check you out. If you’re targeting the right market for your business then your potential consumers won’t want to miss out!

Create a free Reward Link and when you get to the stage of choosing what the reward will be, you can add in the discount code. Both you and your audience are winners because they get something for less, but your website receives more traffic.

2. Allow your audience to download a hidden file

You might think this Reward Link option only applies to those who have something digital to offer such as a music track, or perhaps a video. But, this isn’t the case. As long as it’s a digital file, you can add it into a Reward Link. Think about what your audience might want, or how you can adapt your poducts to make them work online.

For example, have you ever seen clothing companies that branch out into gimmick style things such as stickers or graphics? Why not create downloadable sticker packs, or perhaps emojis of your own people can use? If they work with your branding then you can make them successful. Think about your colour schemes, logos, what your brand represents.

Your logo can appear within there wherever you like. Meaning you’re driving more people to your website because they’ll want to know where they can access these. Also, if your branding is portrayed you might spark people’s interest because your aesthetic might be right up their street. The more people you have sharing your goodies, the more that will head to your Reward Link and then your website.

3. Add a call-to-action button into your Reward Links

Take a look at our Reward Link example at the top of the page. What can you notice? At the bottom of the link there are two website links we’ve included. These are separate to the reward itself, but why? They remain there throughout the entire process. Once someone has completed the tasks set, and they’re able to download their reward, you’ll still see these buttons.

We’ve included these call-to-action buttons to encourage people to check our work out elsewhere. We haven’t specified within our Reward Link that anyone needs to head to our website or blog. Our tasks are to follow our socials, or subscribe to our YouTube channel. However, we wanted to promote other ways you can find us. We want people to see what we do.

Adding in call-to-action buttons at the bottom of your Reward Links act as an extra advert for yourself. The first page of your Reward Link doesn’t show or say much for your website. However, if you add in your website link at the bottom, it can do all the talking for itself. Since the links at the bottom stick around throughout the process, it’s likely that someone may download their reward and then head over to check out your site.

4. Add your logo to your Reward Link artwork

Create yourself a brand identity. Make it memorable. That way, when anyone sees your logo, they’ll know who you are straight away. One way to do this is by making a strong logo and including it in everything. Make it a prominent feature on your website. Ensure no one can miss it. You want your audience to see it!

From here, add it into your artwork when creating your Reward Link. It will encourage people to head to your website and see what you have to offer. Showing a strong brand image sits well with consumers because they trust brands who are powerful and consistent. If you don’t have a brand identity, you’ll find you will struggle even more.

5. Reward Link descriptions are key!

Use your Reward Link descriptions to promote your website. What is it you really want to say? Why should people choose to visit your site? What will your reward be? Can you offer them something no one else can? It’s hard to fit everything you want to say into one small box. However, it’s important you try to fit as much as you can in a concise way.

Your description is the first thing anyone will see when clicking on your link. It’s the first thing they’re met with, so it is important they stand out. You need to prove why people should be interested in your Reward Link. Yes, you’re going to offer them a digital reward, but why would they want it? Who are your target audience, and what would they want from you?

A huge thing you need to remember with Reward Links is that yes people are coming there for a digital prize essentially, but they also are investing their time in you. If you’re asking them to visit your website, make sure your website is user friendly, mobile friendly and shows exactly what your company does. Otherwise, people will head there and head straight off again. You’ll be left no further forward than before. Reward Links are fantastic at bringing people to your website, but you need to make sure they stay there. The same goes with your socials. If you’re asking people to follow you on them to earn their reward, make them exciting!

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