Text heavy social media posts – are they worth it?

You might have a lot to say, but depending on how you voice it – are people going to listen? Too much text on a screen can be extremely overwhelming. Let’s face it, if people want to read a short novel, they’ll come somewhere like this – to a blog.

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Are people going to read what you have to say? That’s the real question. If not, you really are just wasting your time for the sake of content. Perhaps to you, a topic is really interesting and engaging. But, to others, it might be a bit mundane. There’s only so many ways you can try to spice up certain topics. If you want the information to stick, or, to capture your audience – it needs to be exciting. Text unfortunately, isn’t.

95% of people retain information when they watch a video. Whereas, only 10% of people capture information through text. Reading is a great way of cross-checking your information. However, if you have something you want people to take notice of, it’s probably best you put it into something more inviting than an essay. Like mentioned, this goes for social media posts. Those who choose to head to a news source, or a blog will want to read the information you have to present.

If you can turn it into a video – go for it!

You’re better off turning text based information into something catchy. If there’s a small amount, you can get away with making a still image with a few snippets of text. However, if you have quite a lot to compile in a short window, a video is probably your best bet. Why? Because people can’t resist moving image. Whether they stay for the whole video or not is your doing. If it’s interesting enough, and eye catching – they likely will.

But, you can draw people in much easier. Making motion text based content will help your brand so much. You can say what you need to, and hope that the information gets through to people in a much easier way. Make the process as streamlined as possible. 64% of individuals have said that watching a video about a product or service will increase their chances of buying it. This makes sense, because they get to see it in action. Does it work as it should?

With numbers this large, it doesn’t make sense to ignore the statistics. You could have far more people viewing your content if you simply make it video based. Of course there are various elements to consider when making video content for your text based pieces. You need to have a structure. Otherwise, you end up throwing lots of text into a moving image as such. This sort of defeats the point and can end up turning your audience away.

Here are some ideas to consider👇

  • Call-to-action buttons (CTA) are really useful. They tell your audience actions they need to take. For example “Follow us on…” or “Click the link in my bio“.
  • Keep on top of your branding. If your colours are blue and white, have this running through your videos, otherwise, how will people know it’s your brand?
  • Use specific fonts. If you’re able to keep the same or a similar font throughout your videos, this will help with brand identity.
  • Engaging headlines. We don’t mean ‘clickbait’ as such. However, grab their attention quickly and then keep hold of it.

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