Fan Study – Spotify for Artists exploration into fanbases across the globe

Fan Study is a quarterly look into fandoms across the world. They analyse data and unpick new insights into fans habits. Using this information, you could potentially grow your artist name. You can read studies on different areas of the industry and figure out how fans best interact, what drives them to listen to a new artist and how you can potentially turn them from a one time listener, to a permanent fan.

Spotify for Artists Fan Study


They created a study into global fanbases. It seems more than ever, artists have been able to break down potential language and global barriers. Now, they can reach more people than ever. This is largely due to streaming platforms like Spotify making everything so accessible. There’s no need for fans to be country specific. Yes, it’s nice to support local artists. However, those big names travel across countries at lightning speed. There’s no reason why smaller artists can’t make tracks popular across the world too.

Countries using Spotify within a graph

Spotify’s users know that great music can be from any corner of the globe. Whether it be a country speaking your native language, or even a country where you can’t understand anything. Sometimes, music is more than lyrics. They’re important in many cases, but when you feel the music, it becomes magical. On average Spotify users stream music from artists from more than 14 countries across the world. This figure is per month. When you get to like an artist’s style, it doesn’t always matter if your languages are the same.

Within Europe this number is even higher. European listeners typically tune into 16 countries within the month-long period. You can access the information for where most of your listeners are from. Spotify for Artists allows each creator to see where in the world they are most popular. This could help you with marketing and future content creation. In the past 5 years there has been a massive increase in artists from all countries seeking out top spots within the charts. It’s moved away largely from just Europe and North America, where, typically most of the chart toppers were from.


From looking at the Fan Study Spotify released, it suggests that collaborating with artists in different countries might be exactly what you need to boost your numbers. It might seem tricky to achieve at first, but the benefits will be worth it. The more countries yourself and your fellow artist cover, the more people listening to and sharing your tracks. If they like a collaboration piece you’ve created, their fans are more likely to listen to your other content and vice versa.

Collaboration statistics

As you can see from the chart above, collaborations with artists from a different country than your own massively increase your listeners. Not only do you get people from your native country checking out your tracks, but you also get people from the other artist’s country listening in. This could boost your popularity and find you a whole new audience. Perhaps you will even consider collaborating with the same artist again. Or, once you’ve conquered their country, maybe you’ll find an artist from another place across the globe.

The article itself is a really interesting read. It unpicks how many artists are being discovered and what you could try to get yourself on the same level they’ve made it to. They’ve created charts and graphs that clearly display the information they’re giving to you. The best part is, it isn’t really heavy information like a lot of statistics they typically give. As it’s part of the Spotify for Artists family, they’ve made it as easy to break down as possible.

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