Amazon Music price increase – Prime members will now pay $9

The cost of living has risen, we’re all aware. However, it seems all businesses are slowly adding to this. Amazon have now increased their music subscription by $1 for Prime members. If you’re not an Amazon Prime member, you’ll see your $10 music cost stay the same. It seems there isn’t much of an incentive any more to be a Prime member?

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Amazon have announced they are increasing the price of their music streaming platform. They’ll be making these changes from May onwards. Now, Amazon Prime users will have to pay $8.99 per month, or they can opt to pay the yearly fee of $89. It seems it’s no longer beneficial for Amazon Music users to also be part of Prime. Before, this would see you with a larger discount. However, now, you’re paying almost the same amount as those who use Amazon Music but do not have a Prime account.

It seems unfair you’re paying for two of their services without really seeing much of a price difference. It’s possible many people will start to move away from the platforms as they feel they’re being unfairly charged. Perhaps other companies will start to see an increase in their subscriptions due to this. The price has only raised $1 per month, or $10 for the yearly payment. However, it all adds up and with the rise of cost of living being seen all across the world, it’s unlikely this increase will be favoured.

The single-device plan Amazon offer, which allows you to access their full music plan but only from one device will also increase. Rather than its original price of $3.99, it will now be $4.99 per month. This again isn’t much of an increase, but it is possible many users will switch to another service that doesn’t hold as many restrictions. For those who aren’t Prime members but access Amazon Music, their cost will stay the same. They pay $9.99 a month, which is only $1 more than Prime users will now be paying.

This news came after Amazon announced it would be increasing Prime membership costs too. It seems now users will have to pay more to access all Amazon services. We can’t imagine people are going to be happy about this. Without paying for Amazon Music Unlimited, Prime members can access a catalogue of 2 million songs. This however, is compared to Unlimited’s 90 million songs. It seems Amazon are very good at finding ways to make more money.

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