Linktree makes managing multiple Smart Links difficult

New link type? You’ll need a new account. Multiple Instagram handles? Create yourself a new Linktree profile. If you want to manage multiple artists or creatives, you’ll need different accounts for each of them. This might sound like a sensible idea to begin with, but actually the more you gather, the more difficult it becomes.

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Changing up your links isn’t easy as Daisy Duck makes it seem. Well for Linktree users at least. The process is pretty long-winded. In fact, you’ll need multiple accounts just to be able to switch between your various personas or artists if you’re a label. What about if you create Podcasts and also Live Streaming links? Well, again, you’ll need to switch accounts to do so. This becomes rather restricting and doesn’t really enable their users with a whole lot of freedom or creativity…

Linktree’s accessibility

A huge company like Linktree and yet things still aren’t as straight forward as you’d imagine. They require multiple accounts to create various links. Rather than being able to house everything under one account, you instead have to create multiple. Yes, you are able to use the same email address when signing up again, but still the process is longer than it needs to be. It’s surprising Linktree haven’t adapted throughout their time and make various links an option.

Perhaps you’re wanting to create a Live Stream link because you often go live on different platforms, and you want to round up attention before the event. Sure you can go ahead and create something for this through Linktree. However, you then can’t create links for other avenues you need to. If you also have a podcast series, you might want to make yourself a link housing all of your URLs for where fans can access this. Unfortunately, if you want to create links for multiple avenues, you’ll need more than one account.

The same goes for labels managing various artists, or creatives juggling different personas. Instead of being able to house them all under one account and switch between them all, you need to create multiple accounts. One for each artist. You can then allow permissions between accounts. For this, you’ll need to head into one of your accounts and add your other one as an editor. Then you can flick between your different accounts. However, it still isn’t all under one place.

This is quite frustrating because when managing multiple artists, you really want all links in one place. You want to be able to view how they’re all performing next to each other. Having 10 or more artists to manage just means you’ll have endless accounts to connect up. It would be nice to have the option. Either creating multiple accounts if you wish. Or, having one account manage everything.

All artists under one account at

When it comes to you can create unlimited links for unlimited artists. These links don’t all have to be the same type either. If you want to create a Fan Link and then a Podcast Link, you can do this. Also, even having 100+ artists under your label doesn’t change things. You still are able to put them all in one place if you wish. It gives you as a label a lot more flexibility. The choice is yours on how to manage your account(s). Another great thing is, if the artist decides to leave your label, and you want to transfer the link, this is easier to do through

All of PUSH’s features are accessible on both the free and the premium version. You don’t need to pay to create multiple links through one account. We pride ourselves in making all our tools accessible for everyone. So, whether you’re a new artist or a large label, you can access all the same perks. Our Smart Links are unlimited too, so you won’t have to restrict the amount of links you start creating.

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