VideoTouch – a free platform for collecting client video testimonials

What a better way of showing your clients appreciate your work than with actual testimonials from them? It speaks volumes for your company if your consumers are willing to tell the world they love your work. It could increase sales or new buyers. Also, it helps build up a strong brand image.

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What is VideoTouch?

VideoTouch is a website that allows you to create testimonials about your company, brand or business. You can request either video or written words of approval from people who have used your services and want to contribute to your reviews. Sometimes people aren’t interested in writing a review, so having the option of leaving a video message might be something they’d prefer. Even those willing to type out a review often need a little prompting.

You have the chance to create a campaign which you then share via a link. The link is unique, so only those who you send it to will be able to access it and review your service. This is a fantastic way of avoiding any sabotage by potential competition. Once you’ve had a response from your customers, you’ll receive an email notifying you. You’re essentially requesting feedback which you can then go on to share directly. This way, you don’t have the back and forth of asking for feedback and then having to type it up yourself.

It comes directly from your customers. There’s no middle man as such. This way anyone seeing these testimonials will be able to trust it 100% because you can’t change it. They’ll know that’s exactly what your consumer said rather than it being exaggerated. It’s a really simple process that requires little effort on your part but could be a huge game changer when it comes to selling your company. It’s for anyone who wants to use it. You don’t have to be a certain business size to access this type of promotional tool.

How could you use VideoTouch in your marketing?

When it comes to promoting your business, why not use these testimonials? You can embed them into articles or websites. Also, you can share the videos straight to social media platforms. Meaning that your followers can all see brilliant feedback from particular clients. Perhaps this will encourage them to go on and leave some feedback themselves. Maybe they’ll want to get involved with helping you promote your business.

People are more likely to trust feedback that’s direct. You haven’t had the chance to change any words, and it won’t be written in your tone of voice. It’s completely authentic. That will help people trust the feedback is real. Also, people tend to trust opinions of people they can relate to. If someone is saying in their own words that your products or services have benefitted them, they’re possibly more likely to get involved themselves.

It would be powerful for you to collect testimonials from a wide variety of clients. Of course, this depends on how diverse your target audience is. However, perhaps use different aged consumers, different genders and people with varied interests. If you want to show that your products are suitable for more than one type of individual then make sure your consumer feedback is varied.

Is VideoTouch free?

VideoTouch does have a free version. There aren’t any catches to this. However, you can’t access everything that you could with a paid account. With the free account you can add your videos to any website that allows embedding. It’s great this is included within their free version because this is something all users would want to access. The first place potential customers will head to is your website, so you want to make sure your testimonials are accessible. You can receive up to 10 video testimonials. That’s quite a lot for a free account. If you’re just starting out, 10 videos will be more than enough. It really could help you take off.

VideoTouch pricing plan

As you can see, the more you invest into this site, the more you will gain from it. This could be something you progress into, however. We’d advise you to start with the free version and see how it benefits you before moving on to a paid version. If it works within your marketing, the next tier up includes 50 video testimonials per month. This is providing you can get access to this many people willing to provide a video message, however. Why not try sending the links via social media? Think about it, that’s the place you’re most likely to find people willing to record a message for you to share.

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