5 ways you can support independent artists

Being an independent artist is tricky. You have all the responsibilities fall on your shoulders. Everything comes back to you as you’re in charge of writing, recording, distributing, promotion, marketing and all the other steps that go into music making. It’s seriously rewarding but is also hard work. That’s why we’re here to show you ways you can help out independent artists and show them some support.

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Independent artists are becoming more popular than ever before. People are starting to realise that it is hard work, however, it can be done and is extremely rewarding. Now, more than 40% of the global music industry is made up of independent artists. As things become more accessible, it’s likely this number will rise even more. Artists are discovering you don’t need a label to succeed. Some even hire management or the equivalent to assist them for a short period of time, rather than completely signing to a label. There are so many ways independent artists can make things work. A little help from industry fans would always be beneficial though.

Engage with their socials

You might not think it, but a comment goes a long way. Once someone has seen somebody else comment, they’re probably more likely to comment themselves. Then it becomes a domino effect and the artist gains more interaction. The more interaction they get, the further their content will spread. It can be really tricky trying to build an artist name for yourself and work on growing your social media accounts at the same time. That’s why, if you know an independent artist, reach out and take the time to comment letting them know they’re doing a great job.

It’s especially important to read their captions, so you understand the post. That way you can make a comment that is relevant to what their post is all about. It shows you’ve taken an interest in their content and others may do the same. Rather than just posting a generic comment, take a little extra time to understand what the post is for and engage accordingly. Trust us, they’ll really appreciate it. Likes and share are also a brilliant way to encourage independent artists. You never know who will see your shares. It could help them grow and gain more followers, which in turn will do their music wonders.

Liking their content means there’s more chance it will appear on other people’s explore pages. Which means it opens doors massively. Far more people will see their work and might decide to take a listen to their music. Share their content across multiple platforms if you can. For you, it will take 2 minutes to do, but for them, it could be life changing. Put yourself in the shoes of an independent artist, they have a lot to juggle. So, if you can make things a little easier for them and share their work, they’ll really appreciate it.

Tell everyone you know

Right, first, let’s face it, people enjoy being the cool one who knows an artist no one else has heard of. It’s considered interesting to not follow the crowd, right? So, it’s a win-win really. Telling people about a new undiscovered artist means you’ll be the trend setter and also the independent artist will be sure to get a boost. It costs absolutely nothing to tell the people you speak to about an artist. You can easily say you’ve heard a great new track they should check out. If they like it, they’ll probably pass it on to people they know. It will then snowball and more and more people will discover the artist’s work.

Think about how far that could travel. If you told 10 people, and they all told 10 people, that’s a large amount of new listeners one artist could have. Continuing like that, and before you know it, they’ve built up a fanbase from scratch. If you believe in an artist then help them out by sharing their name. It doesn’t have to be a case of you spamming your own social media accounts 24/7 with updates about what the artist is up to. Instead, you can just simply drop their name into conversation when you’re already talking about music.

Listen to their music

Probably an obvious one sure, but listening to their music is a brilliant way of supporting any independent artist. The more streams they get, the more revenue they earn and most importantly, the analytics will work in their favour. Meaning, they’re more likely to end up on playlists and on suggested lists for people with similar tastes as you. It could boost their artist name more than you’d think. Plus, if you like their content, it’s not really a chore is it. Letting them know that their work is appreciated goes a long way and one of the best ways to tell them that is by listening to it.

The more streams they get, the higher the encouragement. It doesn’t always come down to making money. Sometimes independent artists need the confidence boost of people letting them know they really enjoy their work. They’re often working so hard to earn very little in return. So, seeing their streams increase will let them know that their hard work is paying off. People are enjoying what they create, and they should keep going. Of course, the money side will always be important, because if they’re not earning then they can’t sustain the career. However, it isn’t always the number one thing to consider. Let them know their work is worth hearing.

Buy their merchandise

If you’re in a position to do so, then buy some of their merch. Think about it, they’ll get a real boost knowing someone appreciates them as an artist enough to purchase their products. Also, it acts as advertising for them, which again, you don’t have to physically spend time doing. Simply wearing their merch when you go out may interest some people into checking them out and seeing what their music is like. Especially if the merch is eye catching, people may remember the name and try the artist for themselves.

As an independent artist, money is tight. So, if you can purchase something from their collection, it would really help them out. After all, they’ve spent the money creating the products, and now they really need them to sell. Especially when they’re working on new releases and therefore don’t have any current new tracks to promote. They need to make money in other ways if they can. Being an independent artist is constant work, so make their lives a little easier and buy something from their merchandise.

Attend their shows

Again another obvious one, but important still. Make sure you’re there phsyically to support them if you can be. Of course, it’s unlikely you’re going to be able to attend every show, but just being there for the odd show will really show your support. It will remind them they have loyal fans and the work they are doing hasn’t gone unnoticed. Independent artists tend to pick up on regular fans and faces more than you’d think. They know who is encouraging them and hoping for them to succeed. It will again boost their confiedence knowing there will always be someone in their corner.

Having an empty show is really disheartening. Typically, the ticket price for a show put on by an independent artist isn’t much. It usually just about covers their expenses. The more faces in the crowd the better. It shows them they’re doing great and also encourages more people to come to future events, because after all, if they’ve managed to pack out a room then they must be good, right? They’ll be more likely to secure venues and contracts if they can prove they’re worth having in. Also, it means all of their hard work earns them some money, which again is really needed when you’re flying solo.

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