Marketing your music as a producer – dos and don’ts

Marketing music as a producer comes with its challenges. That’s why it’s important to take tips wherever you can. We’ve come across a really useful YouTube video that could provide you with some really useful advice.

One of the first things mentioned is something we can massively get on board with. We’re always telling every artist to get themselves online everywhere they can. Ir doesn’t matter if you don’t have any new content to share. Try sharing Instagram Reels, or videos to other social media platforms. Show people tips and tricks or advice videos. They’re massively valuable because they will help grow your name without you even realising it.

Put out content all the time that shows who you are. This is something again we are forever saying, because it works. You want people to respect you as an individual. It’s important they know who you are and what your character is like. That way when it comes to your music production, people will know they can trust you. Start by building relationships that are solid. Having contacts within the industry will be more valuable than you could ever realise. The more people you interact with through social media, the larger your network will grow.

He mentions to focus on growing a fanbase that is strong. Once you have begun engaging with people through DMs (direct messages) and comments, you’ll start to see the same names reappear. You never know what useful tips they could teach you further down the line. Also, you never know who they have links to, it could be one conversation that changes everything for you. It’s mentioned within this video to try and be genuine with your followers which is a hugely important statement. Don’t post just when you have new content, as it will make you seem self entitled.

This YouTube video holds some really valuable tips for all music producers. It’s only a short video but is packed with useful information. All of this could be beneficial to your growth within the social media world. Perhaps watch this video a few times to absorb the information in full and then try out these methods yourself. It’s all about gaining the interaction and the network so that once you are producing music, you have people to share it with.

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