PUSH 101: How can a Fan Link grow your artist name?

Whether you’re a new kid on the block or you’ve been around since the dawn of time, you’ll still want more people to discover you as an artist. Growth is a powerful thing to have. It will allow you to develop your skills and meet new people who you can also learn from. A Fan Link is one incredible tool that you shouldn’t miss out on.

PUSH Fan Link example

What is a Fan Link?

A Fan Link which is also known as a Smart Link is a digital housing tool. It holds all of your links under one URL. With PUSH.fm this URL can be customised. Perhaps you are releasing a track called New Year… you could have your URL customised to display this data and name. That way when your fans head to the link, they’ll know straight away what song they’re going to hear.

You could use a Fan Link for anything you want to store in one place. If you view our example above, you’ll notice we’ve linked our social media accounts, our website and our blog. Many artists use it to link all of their streaming stores under one URL. So, if you’re releasing a new song, you don’t need to spend all of your time sharing multiple links. Instead, you just share your Fan Link and your followers can find their preferred store within that. When they click on your Fan Link they’ll see all store options you’ve included. You can add as many links as you’d like.

This includes social media accounts, websites and more. Due to this flexibility Fan Links can be used by anyone wanting to store multiple URLs under one place. You might have an event you want to host, and you’re looking to share the links to ticket purchases, previous events, your website etc. This is where you’d use a Fan Link to avoid having to spam your audience with several links as this can become confusing. They will only need to follow one URL to find all the information they need.

How much do they cost?

This is the best part and something we love sharing because PUSH have one aim. That aim is to make all promotional tools available to artists at no cost. We have no desire to put heavy prices on these products. Instead, we want to see all artists achieve their goals through the help of PUSH.fm. That’s why we offer our Fan Links for free. Seriously, there’s no catch, you can access our tools for absolutely nothing.

With our free plan, you get an unlimited amount of Fan Links which is an upgrade we’ve recently made. This is because we felt we could offer more than we previously were. So, now, you can have as many Fan Links as you’d like to create. Share them with your fans and followers and grow through the help of PUSH. Below you’ll see our pricing plans. We do offer a premium service. This entitles each user to 50MB of storage compared to the 1MB that free users get. It might be that you want to start off with our free plan and eventually upgrade, however this is your choice, and we support all of our users equally.

PUSH.fm pricing tiers

Why do I need one?

They make promoting your content so much easier. No matter what your product, service or art, a Fan Link can help you connect with more people. As mentioned above, they’re completely free, so it’s nothing you’re signing up for that you can’t back out of. When it comes to social media, you can only place one URL within your bio. This is why Fan Links are great because you can place that one URL into your bio and your fans and followers can still access all of your content. It saves you so much time because you only need to send one link around to everyone. Alternatively, you’d be spending so much time sharing multiple links with various people.

Everyone will have their own store preference which means you’d have to keep sending various links around when asked for them. Whereas a Fan Link makes it easy for your followers to find their favourite store themselves. You can also add in your various social media accounts, so your fans know exactly where to find your profiles. This enables them to keep updated with what you’re working on next, and they’ll never have to miss out on anything. Having one link store everything with no limits on how much you add means you’ll never have to sacrifice one link for another.

📌 This has been updated as of the 14th September 2023 to include the new pricing tiers. No other information has been changed.

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