VSCO – the photo editing app that became an internet trend

It started off as an app to edit your photos before uploading them to social media. Then it became a trend that took the internet by storm. People were suddenly being labelled as VSCO girls simply because of the way they started to dress and the items they started to purchase. Hydroflask? Yep, you’re a VSCO girl. It became an identity.


🤭 What is a VSCO girl?

And I oop… Remember that? If not, you’re certainly not missing out, it was a weird time. Apparently that was something cute that VSCO girls would say? While drinking out of their Hydroflasks of course. Think Birkenstocks and scrunchies, everything Gen Z some would say. That’s what it is to be a VSCO girl. It took over TikTok, which we’re not surprised about. It’s said to largely be made up of teenage girls.

It looks like VSCO girls came about because the app is known for perfecting your Instagram images. The idea is you spend a lot of time making your photos look the best they can be, and who cares about image the most? Teenage girls so it’s thought. That’s apparently where the idea of a VSCO girl came from, apparently they tend to all look and dress the same. It seems to be a stereotype of the type of user who heads to VSCO for all their editing needs.

Here’s your starter pack, if this is your wardrobe then I have some news for you… You are officially a VSCO girl. As soon as a trend takes off, everyone wants to be involved. That’s where it started to grow. Teenage girls loved the idea of fitting into this category and wanted every item needed to complete the look. It’s weird to think this all came from a photo app. The idea when it was created was simply to alter your images. Adding filters and effects. Instead, it turned into a community.

What is VSCO?

So, we’ve got the wild trend out of the way, and now we’re onto how it all started. What the app actually is and what it’s all about. It’s a really popular photo editing platform and has been long before any trends. You can download it for free within the app store and simply sign up to create yourself a profile. VSCO allow you to have multiple accounts if you wish but if you want to be part of their membership option then you will have to stick to just one account. Creating an account only needs an email, Google account, Facebook or phone number. It’s up to you wish you choose to sign up with.

Become part of the community

There’s a community within VSCO that you can become a part of through signing up. You can all share your images with each other. Be careful though because once you share your photos they are up there for people to see. There is the option to delete them, however it’s possible they’ll have already been saved and used by then. So simply don’t upload anything to the community that you don’t want others having access to.

You’ll see so many filter options and editing tools. Try out different exposures and contrasts to see what works best with your images. There are tons of editing tutorials out there, it will just take some practise. Remember, it isn’t a one rule fits all kind of deal. Some filters will fit better than others. Within the app you’ll see a bunch of presets. These are ready-made filters that people have tried out and edited. You can apply these to your own images, and it will save you a lot of time.

📌 PUSH Tip: Take a look at VSCO’s editing guide to see how to use the different tools they offer.

You can find tutorials on just about anything you want to learn. The great thing about a community idea is you can all help each other out. Sharing is caring after all. So, if you’ve made a great preset you’re really proud of, why not let others use it? You can ask each other for help and advice which could really benefit your editing skills. If you’re looking to enhance your social media accounts then this could be exactly what you need. Why not give it a go and see if you like it? There’s a free version and also a more exclusive version, but it’s completely up to you which you choose.

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