A beginner’s guide to Reward Links

Reward Links can be used by anyone really. However, typically they are used by artists encouraging their fans to get involved with their music. A Reward Link offers both you and your audience something in return. You get more exposure and followers and then get a reward at the end of it.

Content Unlock

🤔 What is a Reward Link?

Essentially it is a reward you offer to your fans and followers for engaging with your content. Perhaps you’ve released a new song, and you want people to start streaming it. You could create a Reward Link and this would help massively with that. It’s your choice what your fans have to complete in order to earn the reward. The rewards are digital, they could be a whole range of things. Maybe you’ll decide they can download a secret, unheard before single. Or, you might give them a discount code to merch on your website. It could even be a behind the scenes video from a recent tour.

It’s up to you!

Choose something you think you’d like to receive as a fan. Then you get to set the requirements for them to access this content. It’s your decision how many tasks they need to complete to access the reward. It could be you make them follow your social media accounts, or maybe you’ll ask them to follow just one social media account and then also your Spotify artist page. Again, the decisions are yours and if your followers want to be able to unlock your secret content, they’ll complete the tasks set.

You can give multiple options and ask your followers to complete a set few. For example, you might want them to follow your Spotify artist page as a must. This could be a requirement, and then you could add a few others as options. Perhaps list that 3 tasks must be completed, one of these being following your Spotify account and the other 2 can be chosen by the person clicking on your Reward Link. That way if they don’t have Instagram but do have Facebook, they can choose which platform to follow you on and aren’t put off accessing the reward simply because they don’t have one social platform.

❓ Who can use Reward Links?

Anyone. Next question… Seriously though, if you have something to promote, it’s likely you can use a Reward Link. They aren’t specific to artists despite them being heavily used in the music world. The reason they’re loved by artists are because they can grow their streaming platforms and therefore their audience will increase. It acts as a brilliant promotional tool while at the same time offering something to your fans willing to complete the steps asked of them.

If you’re a YouTuber or use YouTube in any way as a promotional platform, why not ask people to subscribe to your channel? You can leave this as the only option for your Reward Link and that way everyone who wants the reward will have to subscribe. This will grow your YouTube channel rapidly. It will come down to where you share your Reward Link, however. If you’re not promoting it and telling people about it, how is anyone supposed to know?

💰 What is the cost?

They don’t have to be a pricey feature. PUSH.fm offers a completely free service which allows you unlimited Reward Links. That could be for as many projects or tracks you have ready to launch. You can even mix and match if you wanted to. So, perhaps you have a song you want to share to gain followers on Spotify, but you also want to build up your YouTube channel subscribers. Why not create a Reward Link for each and offer different rewards.

Here at PUSH we’re completely behind independent artists and content creators. We want to help as much as we can so even our premium service is just $5 a month. Our premium version also includes unlimited Reward Links, along with other features. You could add in your Facebook Pixel to see exactly who your audience are and why they’re interacting.

📌 PUSH Tip: Please note the prices above are for PUSH.fm’s service, and we cannot state what other platforms will charge for this feature.

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