How to grow your YouTube audience with just one video

You’ve probably seen our previous blog post (we hope) all about growing your subscribers. As we mentioned in that article, there are so many ways to create growth on YouTube. We’ve found a really insightful video that might be beneficial to all content creators out there. Check it out below.

There are so many factors within the video itself that need to be considered. Yes, as we’ve mentioned before, your YouTube channel needs to be sharp to stand out but so does your content. It’s mentioned that something as simple as the sound within a video can get someone hooked and keep watching.

Statistics and analytics are one of the best ways of finding out how well your content is performing. You can compare this against the views your competitors are getting. Think to yourself, what are they doing different? Is it the quality of the video or the sound? Video length is something really important to monitor. Do your long videos do better than your short ones, or vice versa? Constantly looking back at your content and seeing where you can improve will only boost your views for future videos.

He discusses comments within a video which is a really interesting point. We’re forever recommending you interact on other people’s content and also in response to comments on your own videos. However, this video above suggests that what you comment is almost just as important. It makes sense, if there’s no thought behind the words, then why would they get noticed? If your aim is to be funny on your channel, follow this into your comments. Alternatively, if you’re a facts style channel then you might consider being more formal. Comment to fit the type of audience you’re reaching for.

Watch this video a few times to get the most out of it. It might be worth even taking some notes from it. Decide which parts are the most relevant and achievable for your YouTube channel first and then work from there. All the tips provided can be achieved by anybody. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in the YouTube game. Of course, it might be easier for those with more subscribers to begin with. However, everyone can achieve their own, great results.

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