PUSH.fm Weekly Campaign Round-up

Here’s a new feature we’ve decided to bring to our posts. We want to share some of the campaigns that have been created throughout the week. Here we’ll show you how different content creators and artists utilise PUSH within their work.

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Below are 5 different artists that are currently using PUSH.fm features within their work. Here are some examples on how you can customise Pre-saves, Fan Links and Content Unlocks. These campaigns have been made recently which is why they are being featured in our weekly round-up. Stay tuned for more!


White Sun Pre-save


Artist: Coolum
Release: White Sun
Link: https://push.fm/presave/zloofgnw

The artist Coolum has created a Pre-save campaign for their release White Sun. Following the link provided above, you can save it on Spotify, Apple Music or Deezer ahead of its drop date!

White Sun Content Unlock

Content Unlock

Artist: Coolum
Release: White Sun
Link: https://push.fm/unlock/white-sun

Check out this Content Unlock created by the artist Coolum! Follow the link and click the Download File button. You’ll then see the task(s) you need to complete in order to download this secret file.

Shihab Tarek

Time Out Pre-save


Artist: Shihab Tarek
Release: Time Out
Link: https://push.fm/presave/0rgekhhc

This artist Shihab Tarek has created multiple campaigns through PUSH. Time Out is available for Pre-save via the link above. It’s a really easy process to follow their link and save this track ahead of its release day!

In The Jungle Fan Link

Fan Link

Artist: Shihab Tarek
Release: In The Jungle
Link: https://push.fm/link/isrutkcx

Another campaign by this artist. This is a Fan Link that has been created to include many stores. As you can see, the buttons on the right have been customised.

Sahriyar Rahman, Asif Iqbal Siam, Dilai

Respect Fan Link

Fan Link

Artist: Sahriyar Rahman, Asif Iqbal Siam, Dilai
Release: Respect
Link: https://push.fm/link/xxfxvgec

The artists listed above created a Fan Link for their release Respect. As you can see their artwork is faded into the background. They’ve added a wide variety of stores for their fans to choose from. You can listen to it yourself by following the link provided!


Timeless EP Fan Link

Fan Link

Release: Timeless EP
Link: https://push.fm/link/timelessfeardrop

Another Fan Link, this time from the artist FEARDROP. As you can see from their URL above, they have customised this to match their release title. It makes it easier for both you as an artist and your fans to find your work.

Red Flags Pre-save


Release: Red Flags
Link: https://push.fm/presave/redflags

Pre-save ready to drop on October 15th 2021. Follow the link above to save it before it goes live. The colours in this Pre-save artwork really add something to the background.


Root Beer EP Pre-save


Artist: Quentin
Release: Root Beer EP
Link: https://push.fm/presave/t8jkazzh

Another Pre-save here from the artist Quentin this time. As you can see there are 2 stores selected on this release. You can choose which ones you want to include and which you don’t.

Rudy Valentine Fan Link

Fan Link

Artist: Quentin
Release: Rudy Valentine
Link: https://push.fm/link/rudyvalentine

Here’s a Fan Link created by the same artist. Everything from the store logos, to the artwork is customisable. Create yours for free!

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