A foolproof guide to increasing your Instagram reach

As an independent artist or content creator, Instagram will be one of your biggest assets. That’s if you know how to use it to its maximum potential. Unfortunately spamming accounts hoping that they will follow you, doesn’t really work. You need to keep your growth organic. This YouTube video will show you exactly how you can increase your reach on Instagram.

You may think that in the world of Instagram, it’s all about who has the most followers. This isn’t necessarily the case. Some accounts have thousands of followers but get little to no interaction with their content. Surely you’d rather have fewer followers that actually engage with your work than a whole heap of followers who don’t give you the time of day? What you need to remember also, is some accounts will pay for followers. This is why looking at the amount of followers an account has should not determine their worth.

Some very valid points made within this video are about how to push your content past your followers. It’s great having people who follow you see your content but not all of them will even see it. Due to how Instagram’s mind-boggling algorithm works, it’s unlikely all of your followers will see your posts appear on their home page. This is why it’s crucial to your growth for Instagram users to find your work in other ways. Whether this be through the explore page or other people sharing your content.

It’s never too late or too early to start. It doesn’t matter if you’ve only just created your Instagram page or if you’ve been pushing at it for a long time. Every account has the ability to grow. Encouraging people to share and save your posts will do wonders for your account. Don’t forget it’s not a one way street. You can’t expect everyone to share your content all the time if you don’t ever give the same support back. Watch this video and then watch it again and again until you master it. These are some really helpful tips given, and they claim to be able to help you triple your Instagram reach, so what’s stopping you?

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