5 steps to getting started; a beginners guide to the content marketing galaxy

Promoting your content seems like a mountain climb, especially if you don’t know where to begin. We’ve turned the mountain into a molehill and compiled some easy steps to get you started.

So (hopefully) you’ve got your brand idea and your content ready to go; ready to show the world but how do you begin?

1. Branding

First, you’ll need to get your branding sorted. Branding refers to how your audience and fans view your brand. There are multiple different elements that make up your brand such as:

😍 Visuals – any image, video or GIF you post contributes to your branding. Make sure your visuals all embody a similar theme and aesthetic; this will make your brand look professional and cohesive across your platforms and sites.

🖌 Colour schemes – choosing a colour scheme for your brand is an easy way to ensure all of your visual content looks great together. Learn how certain brands are able to reflect their personality through the colour schemes they use.

🤐 Tone of voice – how you speak to your audience, both online and offline, is a big part of your branding also. Do you want to have a friendly and welcoming brand voice, or do you want to keep things more mysterious? Maybe you want to just keep things simple and factual…

Whatever you choose, make sure you choose a tone of voice that your audience can connect with and one that reflects your brand ethos.

🎒 If you want to learn more about building a strong brand, check out our quick, DIY guide to branding.

2. Socials

Next, it’s time to build your social media pages! Having a presence on social media is essential to marketing your content in this day and age. Social media gives you platforms to promote your content and brand whilst giving a place for your audience to connect with you and access your content.

Some social platforms mighty benefit your brand and content more so that others – find out which ones will work better for your brand here.

When you’ve chosen your social platforms, update your bios, add a profile/header image and invite some friends to start following you. Remember to utilise your branding when doing this so all of your pages are cohesive and in keeping with how you want your audience to view your brand.

As well as socials, you might consider starting up a blog or website to post some extra content and informative pieces on. Blogs and personal websites are great for getting your content seen in search engines and will only expand your brand’s reach.

3. Posting

Once you’ve got your branding sorted and your socials/sites up and running, you can start posting!

⏲ Start by setting up a rough posting schedule; will you be posting every day? Or once a week? Remember to keep it consistent as if you post sporadically, your content is less likely to be seen in your fans’ social feeds.

📰 When posting, try and use a variety of different forms of media; pictures, GIFs, videos. Keeping it interesting will keep your fans attention and will help prevent people getting bored of your content.

📣 A great way of creating relationships with your audiences online is my creating conversions and discussions; get your fans involved with your content. Polls, ask-me-anything and posts with leading questions are all great ways of achieving this.

4. Reaching New Audiences

Once you’ve got yourself settled on socials and other sites, you might want to start trying to reach new audiences and push your content further. There are loads of ways to reach new audiences, however some of our favourite are:

🛍 Competitions – start a competition! Instagram and Facebook are great for running competitions. Simply upload a post stating your competition and the prize(s), and ask people to tag a friend(s), share your post and like your page.

At a certain deadline, simply pick a random winner out of everyone that entered. There are digital tools that offer to do this for you, however you can choose a winner by pulling people’s names out of a hat.

📺 Adverts – if you have the budget for it, consider creating an ad through Facebook or Instagram. Their ads manager interfaces are relatively easy to navigate around and you can easily set what budget you have and how long you want the ad to run for.

MailChimp have put together a handy guide to running ads on these platforms.

👄 Forums – as we mentioned earlier, create conversations and get your brand name out there! Immerse yourself in forums and communities filled with like-minded people and brands. And don’t just shout about your own content, it’s all about give and take.

5. Be Yourself & Experiment

Finally, one of the most important thing is to be yourself! Whenever you’re making content, posting on socials or speaking to new audiences always remember to keep your personality and brand ethos close to your heart.

Also, don’t be afraid to try new things and experiment. Just remember, all brands and content creators started out where you are now. As long as you’ve got the passion, the drive, and the brand sorted, the sky’s the limit 🚀

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