TikTok celebrates Taylor Swift’s eras tour with a new interactive experience

TikTok has previously added interactive artist experiences. So, when Taylor Swift came to the stage, they weren’t going to look the other way. The new experience allows fans to create their very own Swiftie inspired friendship bracelets.

TikTok have announced the next phase of its longest-running interactive artist experience. Designed to celebrate Taylor Swift’s record-breaking Eras Tour. Earlier this year, a brief licensing issue with Universal Music Group (UMG) temporarily prevented Swift’s and other artists’ music from being used on the platform.

With that resolved, TikTok is now rolling out an 11-week interactive experience dedicated to Swifties. During this period, fans will complete weekly album-themed tasks. Participants can win Taylor Swift-themed profile frames and collect virtual friendship beads. All which will allow them to create their own digital friendship bracelet.

Completing all tasks by the end of the 11 weeks will earn users a special Eras Tour-themed profile frame. The experience will also showcase video highlights from each Eras Tour stop and feature a playlist corresponding to each week’s album theme. It will allow fans to build up more excitement as the time goes on.

TikTok commented on the Swifties updates

“TikTok continues to support artists at all points in their journey and serves as the premiere platform for artists to promote their music and engage with global fans on and off tour,” TikTok stated. “By connecting Swifties across the globe through #TSTheErasTour, TikTok is able to support and deepen the connection between artists and fans.”

Fans can access the #TSTheErasTour experience by clicking the anchor that appears alongside any Taylor Swift video. Or via the search banner when looking up Taylor Swift content. The experience homepage will display profile frame collections and the digital friendship bracelet. Attending a Taylor Swift concert without friendship bracelets is a no-no.

Since the Eras Tour began in March 2023, related hashtags have generated over five million videos. Swifties use TikTok to share tour clips, showcase their tour outfits, and display their friendship bracelet collections. TikTok didn’t miss a trick when it comes to getting involved in the headlines and action.

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