Free AI business name generator

Shopify have their very own AI business name generator. If you’re looking to start up your own business or brand but don’t know what to call it – this platform is for you.

Free AI business name generator. A screen recording of how the platform works.

Coming up with a brand name is a lot harder than you think. For some, their business name is laid out for them. Perhaps they’re a father and son duo, in that case, it will often be the way that their surname is followed by ‘and son‘. For others, it could just be their name.

Some may pick a name based upon what they do for a living and the area they cover; for example, London window cleaning. However, what about those who can’t decide? They don’t have a name screaming out at them? It can be the thing preventing people from starting.

If you don’t have a name, you can’t really set up a business. Those who provide crafts or creative services often struggle the most because nothing says ‘sign me up’ better than Emily’s greetings cards, right? Wrong… It isn’t catchy and while it says what it is, it’s boring.

You need some sparkle, something that will be catchy and memorable. You want to stand out from your competition, but where do the ideas come from? Well, look no further because the e-commerce platform Shopify have created an AI tool to help with business needs.

There doesn’t need to be a huge explanation as to how this platform works because it’s so easy and straightforward. All you need to do is head to their website, and input your business ideas. Alternatively, you can select your business niche from the categories provided.

If you add a few little ideas about your business plan, or what your business will offer the AI may be able to give a better suited name to your company. Either way, when you press enter, a list of names will appear and you can select your favourite.

The best part is, Shopify’s AI will only provide business names that are available to use. So, when you select one, you’ll be taken straight to a sign-up page. Allowing you to input your personal details and claim that name before anyone else can.

It’s the perfect option for anyone that’s holding back on launching their own e-commerce store because they can’t find the right name. Instead, you can find your name within minutes, and get started. There’s no reason not to give it a go now. sign up for free GIF
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