In the loop: Spotify add new ways for users to explore their library

As listeners add more and more content to their library, finding that one track they want to listen to gets longer and longer. Spotify’s new exploring features mean users can find what they’re looking for in a jiffy.

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On Thursday, Spotify started rolling out a new version of Your Library for all of their mobile users. Their new and improved design means listeners can quickly and efficiently find songs and podcasts from their huge libraries, no matter how long ago they saved it.

The streamlined design has introduced new ways of searching Your Library so users can easily explore all of their saved songs, albums playlists, and podcasts in a matter of seconds. These new organisational features means listeners can spend more time listening to and rediscovering the content they love.

Spotify’s new Your Library will now feature:

👯 Music & podcasts side by side – your beloved music and podcasts will now appear in one place, rather than in 2 separate libraries as they once did.

💐 New filtering options – filter your library by playlists, artists, albums and podcasts – using easily accessible buttons at the top of the page.

⬆ Different ways of sorting – You can now sort by recently added, recently played, alphabetical and creator name. Gone are the days of endlessly scrolling trying to find that one playlist you last added your favourite song to.

⏹ Grid viewing option – view your playlists, podcasts and releases in grid view with their cover art forefront and centre.

📌 Pin playlists/podcasts – choose up to 4 releases, playlists or podcasts to pin at the top of your library so they can be easily and quickly accessed on the go and when you’re in a rush.

Spotify has already started rolling out this update to all iOS and Android users. If you’ve installed this mobile update, why not check it out yourself?

You can read more about this over at Spotify’s news room.

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