Add multiple files to your free Pay Links – sell more, for less

We’ve only gone and done it again. You guys asked, and we delivered! Our aim is to constantly strive to add new features while also expanding our current ones. Check out our Pay Link update!

Add multiple files to your free Pay Links - sell more, for less. Screen recording of multiple file uploads.

Have a look at our GIF above, and you’ll see our latest update. If you’re new around here, you might be wondering what’s different. Well, since adding our Pay Link feature we have been trying to streamline the process to make it even better (we know, it seems impossible).

Previously, if you wanted to add multiple files to your Pay Link, you’d need to zip your files together and upload them as one. From there, your buyers would be able to download your zip and access multiple files from one. This still works, don’t worry.

However, now, we’ve streamlined the process further. Now, you can add multiple files during the Pay Link creation process. No need to zip them together any more. If you want to add various files and allow your buyers to download them individually, you can.

To many, this might not matter. However, it does make it easier for your consumers to see they are getting everything promised. For some, if there isn’t multiple items to download, they might be a little confused. Uploading different files within one Pay Link will avoid this.

This is something we worked hard to achieve. Knowing that it mattered for some PUSH users. We’ve previously added features that were requested by our users. So, never be afraid to ask us for a feature. We will do our best where possible to make it happen.

Don’t forget, creating a Pay Link is free, and could earn you lots of money. If you have a digital project to sell, why not use our free Pay Link creation tool and upload your files there? Your consumers can simply buy your item via card or PayPal. You can cash out once you hit $50.

Since you set your own price, and customise your landing page (link) to represent you best, you can in theory make as much money as you desire. It’s up to you to create your Pay Link, and start selling. It only takes a few minutes, so what are you waiting for? sign up for free GIF
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