New YouTube tools to help boost your channel

YouTube has recently released a new update which could make the role of a content creator even easier. From updated playlist analytics to member only videos, and gap insights.

1. Playlist analytics

Now, keeping track of how your playlists are doing just got easier. Head over to the “Content” tab, and voila! You’ll find a new “Playlist” section that lets you compare how well your playlists are performing side by side. It’s like having your playlist’s report card right at your fingertips. Check it out and see how your viewers are engaging with your grouped content.

2. Content gap insights

YouTube’s got your back when it comes to finding new ideas. In the “Research” tab on your desktop, you’ll now find Content Gap insights. These little gems show you what your audience is searching for but not finding. It’s like having a treasure map for creating content that perfectly aligns with what your viewers want. Go on, explore, and discover new topics.

3. Top community clips and members-only videos

Want to highlight your top community clips and create some buzz around your videos? Now you can! YouTube is introducing a feature that lets you showcase those amazing community clips to boost engagement across platforms. Plus, get ready for scheduled members-only videos. This means you can plan and build excitement for your video launches.

Members with notifications turned on will get an alert when the video is available exclusively for them. It’s like having your very own VIP premiere! These may seem like small updates, but they pack a punch in helping you plan better and keep your viewers hooked with advanced analytics. So, dive into these new tools, and let the creativity flow! sign up for free GIF
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