Apple Music Classical app launches in Japan, South Korea and China

Now officially launched in multiple countries is Apple Musics stand-alone classical app. Officially, it began in March 2023 following Apple’s acquisition of Primephonic, but now it’s had its big reveal.

Apple Music Classical is a stand-alone app. Separate from Apple Music itself. It was first launched in March 2023. Following Apple taking over a classical music streaming platform in the Netherlands, called Primephonic. They took this on in August 2021.

Recently, the streaming store took to X to share the news that they were expanding. Now Japan, South Korea, China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan will be able to access the platform. It’s been marketed as the “ultimate classical experience”.

It’s said to contain the world’s largest classical music catalogue, with over 5 million tracks. These tracks range from new pieces, right back to masterpieces we all know. Oliver Schusser who is the Global Lead for Apple Music has expressed the company’s passion.

He stated, “Everything we do comes down to our deep love for music.” This was said ahead of the recent launch. Before now, there has been no streaming service of its kind. Classical music is only ever featured within other platforms. Now, it has its own place.

When using Apple Music Classical, users can search for a composer, conductor, or by an instrument, period of time, orchestra or choir. They’ll be able to find specific recordings. There will be so much variety that every classical music lover will be happy.

The new platform will offer audio quality up to 192 kHz/24 bit Hi-Res Lossless. They’ll have thousands of recordings available in spatial audio. A fantastic platform for classical lovers. It’s surprising the likes of Apple have waited this long. sign up for free GIF
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