Children’s book authors – sell your stories for free without needing a publisher

Getting your own publisher can be extremely hard. You need to find the right person to take your book to print. Well, you did, until we came along. Now, you can sell your stories without needing to publish them.

Did you know that the world-famous Harry Potter novels were rejected by 12 publishers before finally being accepted and taken to print? That’s an awful lot of rejection, and had J.K. Rowling given up with her efforts, we’d have never known about the wizard who lived under the stairs. Sadly, that’s typically the way though. Many incredible writers miss out.

With all the fierce competition that comes with the world of storytelling, it’s hard to find the right niche to stand out from the crowd. Many avenues have been explored. Often topics have been shared. Publishers won’t take on a story that isn’t perfect for them, no matter how good it is. The phrase, it’s not you, it’s them comes to mind.

As clich√© as that sounds, it really is true. After all, with so many authors already published, what’s the need for all these new ones coming along with their content? Yes, they may have fresh ideas and a new outlook, but, if a publisher can cut costs by not taking on new authors, they likely will. So, sadly, unless they see your story being a #1, you might not be lucky.

Sell your children’s books through Pay Links

The good news is, we’re not suggesting you give up. In fact, quite the opposite. We’re asking you to sell your stories. Rather than going down the traditional route, which comes with a lot of upfront costs, we’re suggesting you sell online. Think about it, you could avoid the print, and publishing cost and instead simply make money.

When selling a book, it’s not as simple as writing it and selling it. No, instead, you have extra costs which you often need to cover before a single book sells. Making it impossible for many children’s authors. Which, is sad, because they often have incredible stories to share with the next generation. You won’t usually see a return, or profit, for quite some time.

You’ll need to sell a lot of books to break even, but then comes in the marketing and promotional material. However, you could simply write the book, stick it on a PDF or however else you’d like to present it and upload it to PUSH. Creating yourself a completely free Pay Link which you can market yourself online.

Set your own children’s story book prices

As you’re able to set the price of your Pay Link, you could set the cost at the amount you’d want to charge for a book. After all, many readers are switching to digital reads for ease, so they often cost almost the same as a physical copy. You can give your Pay Link a book cover, in the form of your Feature Image, and even add a description, almost like a blurb.

Create and upload one PDF, or, attach multiple files through a zip file. This could be a great option for anyone with short stories who may want to add multiple to one Pay Link. Since it doesn’t cost to create a Pay Link, you won’t notice any cost taken until you’ve started earning. Even then, the costs are minimal. See our pricing guide below:

  • 9% (for accounts with less than $1,000 all time earnings)
  • 7% (for all-time account earnings between $1,000 and $10,000)
  • 5% (for accounts with all time earnings $10,000 and above.

Before you know it, you could have made huge money from your children’s stories. The best part being, it hasn’t cost you anything extra. Nor, has it taken up too much of your time. It’s a much easier process than pitching to a publisher, too. You know you won’t be disheartened, or spend years of your life trying to find your big break.

At, anyone can create unlimited free Pay Links. So, you don’t need to worry about being turned away because it simply won’t happen. If you’re someone wanting to know where to start selling your children’s stories, then look no further. It’s free to sign up to PUSH, and we have multiple guides available to show you how to get started. sign up for free GIF
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