Access original drawings from the first Winnie the Pooh books

The earlier books in the Winnie the Pooh collection offer some of the original drawings and illustrations. From there, the characters have been adapted to extremes. So, take the opportunity to get your hands on the originals.

Over the years, there have been many adaptations of the Winnie the Pooh classic stories. Pooh bear himself has even seen quite the glow-up, turning from his original silly old bear self, to the bright yellow Disney version we all know today.

But, whether you love the most current version, or you’re a classic fan at heart, there’s no denying we wouldn’t have either without the first books written by A. A. Milne. The original drawings are the characters. That’s how they were first imagined.

Therefore, any remakes are adaptations. The originals will always be how they were intended to look. It’s hard to know exactly what the characters first looked like because they have been altered so many times across the years.

When looking up the characters, you’ll see them from decades. Each, looking slightly different. However, if you want to be able to access the drawings from the first set of books, we’re here to help. We have access to digital copies of these drawings.

Tigger first showed up during the book House at Pooh Corner. From there, the gang hit it off, and the rest is history. You can access these sketches above within our link. But, be warned, Tigger does not look like the tiger who bounces on his tail you’ll think of.

He, in fact, looks like a tiger. Which, makes sense since he is one. Over the years, they’ve turned him into a far more animated, less realistic looking animal. But, he was originally, a simple little tiger that enjoyed hanging around with his new friends.

We’ve even thrown in one of Pooh’s songs from within the original story. He sings about the snow. You might even remember it, as it really is a classic. All of that and the original drawings are yours to download if you follow our Pay Link. sign up for free GIF

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