Deezer has had a rebrand to become an experience service platform

A redesign and rebrand – exactly what Deezer has gone through. They’re aiming to help more artists, fans and partners through their latest updates. However, they’re still a music streaming platform, and they want to make that clear.

Deezer have rebranded their platform. Their aim, is to make the user experience even better than before. This is as they label themselves as an experience services platform. What they mean by that is their efforts will be towards artists, fans and partners.

While it will remain a music streaming platform, they want to expand their current features to enhance the service. A new purple heart logo and a complete redesign have come to the platform recently. It’s different from what we previously knew Deezer as.

They want to stand out from their competition. By this, they’re trying to hold themselves apart and represent themselves as more than just a music streaming platform. While they remain music focused, they’re quick to point out their differences.

“We’re 100% focused on music, and that’s where we really want to own a space that makes us a little bit different from our competitors. Our ability to be agile and innovative is because we’re not the big, huge industrial machine in the market.”

This suggests they’re aware they can’t complete with the likes of Spotify. They know they aren’t that level of music supplier. However, this is why they want a different angle. To give people a reason to need them, and to keep artists wanting to share through them.

Deezer have spoken recently about their artist-centric payout system. Again, it is likely this is to try and keep them apart from their competitors. Streaming stores are always in the firing line for not paying artists correctly.

Perhaps this is a step towards fair pay for musicians. “The artists that actually create valuable content are all benefiting from it, the labels – and especially the indie labels – that have great content, they’re all benefiting from it.”

Hopefully the changes being made won’t benefit the labels, but instead the artists. After all, artists are known to be the ones who get paid last. After everyone’s taken their cut, there isn’t much left. Perhaps things are going to change. sign up for free GIF
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