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Everything and anything that fits into the world of social media. From getting started to social marketing strategies and everything inbetween.

Spotify and Instagram partnership leads to Reels Charts

Spotify and Instagram have joined up to create a partnership. It will see streaming playlists for songs performing best on Instagram at that current time. Also known as Reels Charts. For some time now, Apple Music and TikTok have had…

Instagram Reel templates – presets for content creators

Instagram have introduced a new way to create Reels. You can now use various template options when uploading your videos. Either take inspiration from another creator by using theirs, or create your own template. Instagram have introduced templates. An option…

Lemon8 the TikTok savvy social media platform

Lemon8 looks like a hybrid between Instagram and Pinterest. It’s a social media platform where users can upload photos with captions but not text-based posts. Designed with creatives in mind. Lemon8 was designed with creatives in mind. Just like Threads…

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