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How to market your brand for Halloween

How to market your brand for Halloween

It’s spooky season. Halloween is on its way. If you haven’t already considered your marketing plan, now is the time. Any niche can get involved with the holidays, if you know how. The minute summer is over, the world moves…

An easy way for freelance Graphic Designers to earn money

An easy way for freelance Graphic Designers to earn money

Often, being a Graphic Designer can be hard. There’s the work itself, but the hardest part is finding the right work for you. Opting to go freelance is even more difficult, because you have no guaranteed earnings. That’s where we…

A simple 9-step plan to promote a local event (+examples)

Planning a successful local event involves more than just securing a venue and sending out emails. To truly make an impact and draw in a crowd, you need a comprehensive promotional strategy that leverages various tactics. Guest post by Margo Ovsiienko.…

Create Premium Smart Links at half the cost of Linktree

Linktree offer a Premium plan which costs £11.50 per month, equivalent to $14.63. However, with, you’ll only ever pay $5 per month for the Premium option. Create and customise unlimited Smart Links for a fraction of the cost. Linktree… – a free e-commerce alternative to Sellfy

Both and Sellfy offer creatives an opportunity to sell products digitally. However, Sellfy’s starter subscription costs $19 per month. With, you can sell unlimited products for free. Sellfy, which is basically a carbon copy of Shopify (but that’s…

Build mailing lists through Pre-save fan email collection

We’ve added a brand-new Premium feature which allows musicians to collect the email addresses of their fans through nothing more than their Pre-save. Promote your music ahead of its release date and create a future mailing list. A new feature…

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