Category Competitions

Creating and hosting of competitions. People enter your competition for the chance to win something selected by you. You then select a winner and send them their prize. A great way of growing your audience and capturing attention.

Custom background image for links – brand-new Premium feature

That’s right, have added another new feature! This time, we’re upgrading our Premium tier. Users who upgrade their account will be able to access custom backgrounds. Keep your feature image and your background image separate! have an exciting…

How to release music as an independent artist

Music is a brilliant way of expressing yourself. Through the lyrics, beat, the message it sends out to the world. It’s powerful and strong. However, it’s not always easy to release the music you enjoy creating. We’ve got some tips…

Reward Links – everything you need to know

Reward Links offer benefits for both you and your audience. You set tasks that must be completed for your fans to access the reward. They help you gain followers, listeners and interest. How many tasks must be completed is chosen… launch a feature to create your own QR codes

Now your campaigns can be turned into QR codes, so anyone can reach them with just a quick scan. They’re generated for you once your link has been created, and you can use them to promote your work even further.…

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