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Download creator’s TikTok videos to watch offline

Download creator's TikTok videos to watch offline

TikTok now prompts users to download videos from their favourite creators. These are then stored onto their devices and can be watched from anywhere without the need for an internet connection Offline streaming is always helpful. Especially to those who…

A singer’s guide to mastering an instrument

A singer's guide to mastering an instrument

While it’s not required to play an instrument, and many singers don’t, it can make you stand out from your competition. Adding an extra layer to your talents and allowing all music created to be yours. Embarking on the journey…

YouTube Shorts introduce AI-generated celebrity voice clones

YouTube Shorts introduce AI-generated celebrity voice clones

Despite controversy following AI cloning actors, and musicians, YouTube Shorts have now uploaded celebrity clones generated through the use of AI. Could this cause another Hollywood strike? Google have now announced their new AI model. They’re calling it the “most…

Has photography become too easy?

Has photography become too easy

With the growth of the digital age, film photography has almost died out. While you’ll see some dabble with it, not many do, simply because it’s time-consuming and expensive. But, have digital cameras therefore made photographers lazy? Like all technology,…

What exactly does it mean to go viral?

What exactly does it mean to go viral

The term “gone viral” is used on a regular basis. But, does anyone actually know how many likes and shares you need for your content to be classed as viral? No? We didn’t either, so we did some digging… Going…

The most popular TikTok stars in 2023

The most popular TikTok stars in 2023

With TikTok continuing to grow in popularity, there’s no sign of it slowing down. Many creators have found a full time job for themselves out of the video platform. But, who is coming out on top? Who are the true…

Photography terminology for beginners

Photography terminology for beginners

Aperture, depth of field, composition – what does it all mean? When it comes to photography, many beginners are put off by the complex terminology. But, we’re here to break down that barrier and explain the various terms. A beginner…

AI rules come into place following actor strikes

Over 65,000 Hollywood actors have gone on strike recently, taking to picket signs and protests. They were demanding pay rises and rules surrounding the use of AI. With many actors denying AI the rights to use their likeness within training.…

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