A brief guide to creating Instagram videos – what are the requirements?

Depending on whether you’re creating a Reel or a normal video will decide the format. Reels have a format of 9:16, while standard video format is 1.91:1 on Instagram’s platform. Reels are short and sweet, while standard videos are typically longer.

Above you can see one of our Reels over on PUSH.fm’s Instagram account. This was recorded in the aspect 9:16. All Reels need to be shot in portrait rather than landscape. Otherwise, you’ll find your video only takes up a small amount of the screen.

Having videos shot in the wrong format doesn’t make for a great user experience. Often, they can’t see the full details within the footage. They also don’t look very professional. Once you’ve shot a video in the wrong format, you can’t alter this.

Trying to change a landscape video to a portrait one isn’t as simple as just flipping a photo around. You’ll end up cropping most of your footage because the video will essentially zoom in to fit the shot. This could clip important details within your content.

To avoid doing this, ensure your camera or smartphone is set up correctly before pressing record. Often, it’s a great idea to shoot footage within the app you want to upload to. You can film, edit and save all footage directly to Instagram. The platform will then store your content until you’re ready to share it.

What are Instagram’s video requirements?

  • A normal video will be a ratio of 1.91:1
  • A Reel will have the ratio of 9:16
  • All videos need to have a minimum frame rate of 30 FPS (frames per second)
  • Each video must have a minimum resolution of 720 pixels
  • The maximum file size for any video 10 minutes or less is 650 MB
  • Any video up to 60 minutes has the maximum file size of 3.6 GB
  • Cover photos should be 420px by 654px or 1:1.55

All videos created will have to adhere to Instagram’s Community Guidelines. If not, videos will be removed from the platform. Instagram has a no tolerance policy. Likewise, if you see a video that you believe should be flagged, or doesn’t fit within the guidelines, you can report it. Instagram will review each report and make a decision on a case by case basis.

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