TikTok – can I send and receive direct messages (DMs)?

In short, the answer is, yes. You can both send and receive messages through TikTok’s platform. It’s a brilliant way of sharing funny videos you’ve watched with your friends. Or, reaching out to a content creator you follow.


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Here’s how to send a direct message to someone on TikTok:

To send a message which is just text, to start a conversation with someone you first need to open the TikTok app. Then, depending on who you want to message, there are a few different ways to start a chat.

If you already have a chat open with them:

  • Head to your recent messages. These can be found under the inbox tab, in the bottom toolbar. Also, you’ll be notified when someone has messaged you, so check your notifications.
  • Find their chat, and send them a message.

If you follow each other:

  • Head to your inbox. Then, click the paper and pen icon at the top of the screen.
  • Choose the name of the person you want to message.
  • Send them a message.

If you don’t follow each other:

  • Head to the creator’s profile.
  • Click message.
  • Send a message to them.
    Note: This will only work if the creator has their message privacy set to receive from anyone.

How to send content to someone on TikTok

If you’ve seen a video you know your friend will love, send it to them! It’s a great way of showing you care, or checking in with them without having to send long paragraphs. Just a simple “saw this, and thought of you” can go a long way.

What can you send through direct messages?

  • Audio
  • Effects
  • Hashtags
  • TikTok videos

It’s not just sharing funny videos. You can share effects your friends might want to try, or a hashtag that contains content they’d enjoy. You can even send audio through DMs, so you could tell them to check out a new track you’ve been loving.

To send content through direct messages:

  • Head to TikTok.
  • Go to the video, effect, hashtag or sound.
  • Click the share button. Or, press and hold a video to share it.
  • Tap the profile of the person you want to send it to. You can select multiple accounts.
  • Add a message if you wish.
  • Press send.

You can add stickers and messages with all content you share. As can you add stickers to any normal message you send to someone within TikTok. It can be a great way to form friendships with like-minded TikTok users. Or, to send your favourite creator a message to let them know you’re enjoying their content.

It’s important to be aware, you can only share public content. If a video has privacy settings that don’t allow you to share, you won’t see this option. Likewise, if you follow an account, but their content is only accessible to their followers, you can’t send it to a friend who does not follow them.

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