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Our lives are busier than they were 20 years ago, and because of that we need technology to keep up with us. Now everything is on mobile. Everybody has a smartphone. Companies have had to adapt and PUSH.fm are no different. Which is why we have ensured our website is fully compatible with your phone.

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🤔 What can PUSH.fm offer?

💾 Pre-save

PUSH.fm offers your fans the chance to save your music ahead of release day. When your music goes live, it will automatically be placed into their library, so no need for them to search for it. You can put this link into your bio on your social media platforms. This will guarantee you streams on the day your music drops.

🎉 Fan Links

A digital home for all of your store URLs. Customise them to suit your artist image. All of your store links will be in one place, making it easier for you to promote your work and easier for your fans to find it. You don’t need to provide links to each store individually, and your fans can find their preferred store with just one click. Add as many store links as you want. Put this into your bios on social platforms and let everyone know where to locate your music.

🔓 Content Unlocks

Reward your fans with secret digital content. This could be a link to a promo code or a downloadable audio file that can’t be found elsewhere. However, you want to reward them, it’s up to you. To earn it, they must complete a list of tasks set by you. Again, the choice is yours. You might decide you want them to follow multiple social media accounts and also follow your work on Spotify, or you might choose for them to share your music and then subscribe to your YouTube channel. It’s a great way of giving a gift and gaining something in return.

📱 PUSH.fm on mobile

Your PC is an important part of music making. However, you can’t take your PC wherever you go. This is why we have pushed so hard to make our mobile site the best it can be. Create Fan Links on the go and customise your landing pages no matter where you are. We know that people turn to their mobiles for everything, so it is important that the site runs smoothly.

Every feature you are able to access via your computer, you can also access straight from your phone. You can check on your Pre-save campaigns and create your landing pages ready for your new release. This makes it really adaptable to fit around your life and schedule. It isn’t a case of needing to set aside time just to create your various campaigns any more. Instead, you could tweak them while on your commute or away from your normal set-up. It offers a more flexible way to promote your music.

83% of people choose their mobiles over a PC or laptop when it comes to using social media. This is such a high number, and it’s clear to see why. About half the people who use social media platforms only use their phone. In fact, there are many people who don’t even own a PC. Typically, around 3-4 hours a day are spent on your phone. They’re almost glued to our hands nowadays. You could be using this time to boost your music. Apparently, in our lifetime, we will spend almost 9 years on our phones

If this much time is going to be spent on these small devices, it is important that all companies ensure their websites are compatible. We’ve all been on a site on our phones that isn’t optimised for mobiles and found the whole experience painful. That’s not something we want for you when you visit PUSH.fm.

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