Debunking the myth – do big artists always write their own lyrics?

In the early days, many singers aim to write their own lyrics. After all, it’s the only way they’re guarantee regular new songs coming their way. But, does that change? Do all big artists write their own songs?

The music industry often romanticises the image of the lone artist, pen in hand, pouring their heart and soul into crafting lyrics that resonate with listeners around the world. However, behind many chart-topping hits and iconic albums lies a collaborative process that involves multiple songwriters, producers, and creatives.

The myth of the sole songwriter

Many fans and music enthusiasts hold the belief that big artists solely write their own lyrics, attributing their success to their raw talent and creative genius. While some artists indeed take full control of their songwriting process, the reality is that the majority of chart-topping hits are the result of collaborative efforts involving multiple songwriters and producers.

Collaboration in songwriting

Songwriting is often a collaborative process that involves brainstorming ideas, melodies, and lyrics among a team of creatives. Big artists may collaborate with other songwriters, producers, musicians, and vocalists to bring their vision to life and create music that resonates with their audience. Two heads are better than one, right?

Factors influencing songwriting credits

Several factors influence the decision to credit songwriters on a particular track. While some artists may contribute lyrics and melodies independently, others may seek assistance from professional songwriters or producers to refine their ideas and bring a fresh perspective to their music. Additionally, record labels, publishers, and management teams may play a role.

Examples of collaborative songwriting

Many big artists openly acknowledge the collaborative nature of their songwriting process and credit their collaborators for their contributions. For example, Beyoncé, one of the biggest pop stars of our time, often collaborates with a team of songwriters. Similarly, artists like Drake, Taylor Swift, and Ed Sheeran have been known to collaborate with other songwriters.

The importance of authenticity and artistry

While collaboration is common in the music industry, it’s essential for artists to maintain authenticity and integrity in their work. Whether they write their own lyrics or collaborate with others, big artists strive to create music that reflects their unique voice, experiences, and artistic vision. Ultimately, it’s the authenticity and artistry of the music that captivates listeners.

The notion that big artists always write their own lyrics is a myth perpetuated by romanticised ideals of the solitary artist. In reality, collaboration is a common and integral part of the songwriting process in the music industry. Whether artists write their own lyrics or collaborate with others, what matters most is the authenticity and artistry of the music they create.

By embracing collaboration and tapping into the collective creativity of their team, big artists can continue to create music that inspires, entertains, and resonates with audiences around the world. Artists need to feel the emotion behind their songs. However, to feel connected, they don’t have to have put pen to paper. Help is encouraged. sign up for free GIF
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