Odd Ball – a music generating bouncy ball gets an update

Odd Ball is exactly what it sounds like, it’s a bit of an odd bouncy ball. But, this bouncy ball can create quality sounds which can then be used within music.

Odd Ball is a music-loving company that offer bouncy balls. It sounds crazy, but that’s sort of the point. These bouncy balls make noises. They can be played with in various ways and each different way will produce a different sound. Allowing anyone to create music.

First launched in 2018, Odd Ball quickly gained popularity with its Kickstarter campaign. Pasquale Totaro wanted to make music-making easy and fun, so they made a ball that anyone could play with intuitively. They’ve sold over 25,000 devices, mostly to kids and music lovers.

After such a huge success, Totaro decided the company should be looking for ways to expand. After all, any gimmick gets boring after a while, so, Odd Ball needed developing further. The funky electronic bouncy balls have had a bit of a makeover.

Now, you can make music by tapping or bouncing these balls in different ways. The latest update even lets you be the DJ at a house party using these gestures, with background tracks and on-screen instructions to guide you. Jam along to the beat.

The company has divided the gestures into two types: Triggers (like tap, shake, twist) that are similar to playing a note, and Modulators (like move, spin, air throw) that act like knobs on a console. Plus, how hard or fast you do the gesture affects the sound the ball produces.

Pasquale Totaro, the founder, explained that they’ve unlocked more features by utilising a sensor that was initially unused. This took a lot of research and development, but now the balls can do much more than before. Making it, even more exciting.

While the company hasn’t taken any big investments, it has some experienced advisors on board. Now, they’re profitable and working on expanding their product line. They’re even developing a ball with multiple coloured lights for more interactive experiences.

But the coolest part? They’re exploring how their gesture technology can be used in other devices, like in virtual reality and augmented reality. So, get ready to see everyday objects in a whole new light, thanks to Odd Ball’s innovative technology.

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