Splice reveals new mobile app which is powered by AI

A brand-new mobile app from Splice. The app will allow you to create music easily while on the go. This is after securing $55 million from funding.

Splice reveals new mobile app which is powered by AI. Yellow background, multiple smartphones around the page which Splice loaded.
Credit: Splice

Splice, a key player in DIY music creation, has made waves since its launch in 2013. Recently, it secured $55 million in funding. Pushing its value close to $500 million. Now, Splice introduces Splice Mobile, available on iOS and Android.

This app combines its vast sample library with smart ‘Create’ technology. Users can explore over 300 instruments spanning 140 genres. With Splice Mobile, musicians can create multi-layered compositions. Using up to eight instruments.

They can curate personalised sound collections, fine-tune mixes, and share their work with friends. Plus, they can seamlessly switch between mobile and desktop versions. All without losing progress. CEO Kakul Srivastava emphasises the app’s flexibility.

Allowing users to bring their ideas to life anytime, anywhere, without compromising quality. Splice collaborates with Terrace Martin, a renowned producer and rapper, to showcase the app’s potential. Martin praises its simplicity, noting you don’t need a studio or instruments.

All you need is a charged phone. Splice Mobile blends human creativity with cutting-edge technology, ensuring inspiration is always within reach. The app is free to download, with a Splice Sounds subscription unlocking premium features like unlimited downloads

As well as exclusive samples. This launch follows Splice’s initiative to represent South Asian samples and sounds. Marking its ongoing commitment to innovation and diversity in music creation. What are your thoughts on this new development?

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