Facebook’s new link history will track your in-app browsing

Facebook has introduced a new link saving feature. It will store the pages you have clicked on within the app for 30 days. After this time, they will be wiped and you can no longer find them.

Facebook's new link history will track your in-app browsing. Photo of a smartphone on a glass table displaying Facebook. Next to the phone is a Apple laptop.
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Link history is a new Facebook tool which will save a list of websites you’ve visited while within the Facebook app. All of these will be stored for 30 days, allowing Facebook users to revisit websites they’ve previously accessed.

All websites stored must have been opened within the app. This will benefit users who often click on adverts or brands they come across while scrolling through the platform. Facebook’s users can turn link history on or off at any stage.

At this current time, Facebook’s new link saving feature is extremely new, and therefore it hasn’t been introduced to all devices. Both Android and iOS devices can access their new link history tool, but it might depend on your location when you see it.

The feature is being rolled out across the whole globe, so no area will be restricted eventually. But, as with everything, it takes time to do so. Link history only works with Facebook’s app. Messenger will not save websites accessed.

How to access Facebook’s link history

  1. Tap any link inside the Facebook app to open Facebook’s Mobile Browser.
  2. Tap more actions in the bottom right, then tap Browser settings.
  3. To turn link history on, tap switch off next to Allow link history, then tap Allow to confirm.
  4. To turn link history off, tap switch on next to Allow link history, then tap Don’t allow to confirm. 

📌 Please note: The above steps have been copied directly from Facebook’s Help Centre.

It’s important to be aware, if you choose to turn link history off, Facebook will clear anything previously saved. You will not be able to see links you have viewed. Facebook will also stop saving your link history from that point forward.

When you turn off link history, it can take up to 90 days for the links to be deleted fully from the platform’s data. Once turned off, Facebook won’t be able to use your history to improve adverts suggested to you across Meta.

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