Twitter sued $250 million by music publishers for copyright infringement

Another lawsuit has turned up at Twitter’s door. The social media platform is being sued due to allegations of huge copyright infringements. This lawsuit has been filed by multiple music publishers.

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Twitter has had another lawsuit sent their way. This time a group of music publishers have hit out at the social media platform with a $250 million fine. The suit was filed by the National Music Publishers Association. They have claimed Twitter users have abused copyright terms.

It seems on thousands of occasions users have taken the music of various artists and used it in a way which goes against copyright laws, but, it also seems Twitter hasn’t stepped in. The platform should have measures in place to stop this.

The music publishers association have said Twitter are the only major social platform to not have licensing agreements set. For some time it seems Twitter have been aiming to negotiate a deal, however nothing ever came from it.

Twitter have also been accused of not taking down music which infringes artists rights. They have been asked by various music publishes to take the material down, but never do. By their ignorance it shows the platform are aware of the issues, but they’re choosing not to act.

Although many large and verified accounts have been caught in the act, Twitter haven’t suspended any of them. Despite their repeat violations. Twitter seems to make allowances for large verified accounts as they monetise and have a large following.

It comes back to the idea that Elon Musk is only interested in the money element, and has no real care for following the rules. The platform is even refusing to make comments about the situation. It looks like no change will happen soon.

However, perhaps being backed into a lawsuit, Twitter might start to take these claims seriously. It’s about time. Music artists face copyright battles all the time, they shouldn’t be facing them via one of the largest social platforms.

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