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X Social Media are suing social media platform X

X Social Media are suing social media platform X

Confusing right? Absolutely. To make it easier to understand, X Social Media are an advert agency based in Florida. They’re suing X, formerly known as Twitter claiming their revenue has dropped due to the backlash from the social platform. Elon…

Create Premium Smart Links at half the cost of Linktree

Linktree offer a Premium plan which costs £11.50 per month, equivalent to $14.63. However, with PUSH.fm, you’ll only ever pay $5 per month for the Premium option. Create and customise unlimited Smart Links for a fraction of the cost. Linktree…

Maximising your TikTok reach: 8 proven video strategies

From a laughing baby gaining over 300 million views, to Bella Porch’s lip-sync, which garnered over 600 million, TikTok has made achieving viral fame achievable for virtually anyone. Guest Post by author Ankit Solanki. TikTok is one of the fastest-growing…

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