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Spotify’s $20 Platinum tier includes HiFi audio

Spotify have previously sparked rumours about HiFi audio, said to release “sometime in 2021” however, we’re all still waiting. Could this be it though? A new Platinum tier seems to be on the cards for Spotify users. Spotify have previously…

Spotify introduce audio recordings for users reactions

Spotify users are being asked to review albums and tracks verbally. Currently, the streaming platform are testing a voice recording option. Allowing users to give their opinion about tracks through speech. Typically, across social media platforms, you’ll see comment sections…

Spotify Q2 earnings have been reported

Spotify have released their earnings for the second quarter of 2022. Being able to access their financial earnings enables artists to have a more transparent view of the music industry. MAU and Subscribers In the second quarter (Q2) Spotify have…

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