Earn more money by switching from Gumroad

Gumroad allow creatives and small businesses to sell online products. However, there is a catch, these sales come with a price tag of a 10% cut. You’ll need six $10 sales to even reach $50 which is hard for many.

Earn more money by switching from Gumroad. Screenshot of Gumroad's pricing page,

Gumroad is an e-commerce platform that allows you to sell digital products or services. It’s important to note, that they only allow digital services and nothing physical. You cannot for example sell a teapot through Gumroad because there’s no system for delivery options etc. It all must be online, digital files. This however, is Gumroad’s only product.

Instead of offering multiple products for their users, Gumroad only offer the one. Meaning, you will need to find another company for other digital links and products. This might work for those who are small businesses not looking to promote themselves, but instead just sell. However, it’s a shame because they aren’t offering a way to market yourself.

Of course, here at PUSH we do offer far more tools and are regularly updating current ones, or adding new ones. We have tools that not only allow you to sell digital files, just like Gumroad, but also, we have marketing tools that allow you to promote your brand or business. Our tools allow you to create promotional material for free. We have so much to choose from.

Reasons to leave Gumroad

One of the main reasons we’d recommend leaving Gumroad behind is down to their fees. While they promote themselves as not charging for their service, they do take a 10% cut of each sale. It might sound small, but if you’re charging $10, and they’re taking $1 each time, it does really add up. Meaning, you’re losing money before you know it.

That fee never changes. So, if you earn $100, they’re taking $10 from you. No matter how much you earn, Gumroad will take 10%. But, what do we offer? Well, here at PUSH, the highest cut we will ever take is 9%. So, already we’re cheaper than Gumroad. With us too, once your all-time account earnings reach $1,000, we’ll drop to 7%, then to 5% when you hit $10,000.

We have the incentive to drive sales. Whereas, Gumroad almost have the opposite. The more you earn, the more you lose. We’re not interested in that kind of set up. Our other tools are completely free and unlimited. So, you really are able to access the right tools you need to promote your small business. If you’re looking to leave Gumroad, we can help.

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