PUSH 101: how much do Fan Links, Pre-saves & Content Unlocks cost?

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Not every musician, content creator or brand can afford to pay for costly promotional tools. That’s why all of PUSH’s tools are completely free to use.


You can access all of our current tools completely free of charge. Free users get the following when they sign up with PUSH:

  • Unlimited Fan Links – you can include as many different links as you want within your landing pages at no extra cost.
  • Unlimited Pre-save campaigns – create a Pre-save for each of your releases.
  • Unlimited Content Unlocks, with a total of 1GB of total storage.


Customisation comes as standard to free users. There are no hidden extras or required subscriptions to personalise your Fan Links, Pre-saves or Content Unlocks.

Add your own images, write your own descriptions and choose what content to add to each campaign.

Unlike some of our competitors, you can add all and any links you want to your Fan Links without needing to select from a pre-approved list of platforms.


We offer a generous premium plan. At only $5 a month, you can unlock extra features. Premium users get:

  • Competitions Links.
  • Facebook Pixel.
  • 50GB storage.

Many of our competitors offer much more costly subscriptions, some of which charge per campaign. With our paid plan, every tool is included as standard and there are no limits of how many campaigns you can create.


We’re currently working on a load of exciting new features and tools to only further bolster and grow our offering, so watch this space!

Head over to PUSH.fm to make a free account and start pushing your content, no matter who you are or what you do.

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